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Salomon S Lab Wings 8 21st Dec 2017 Salomon S Lab Wings 8 Running Shoes

I got these shoes primarily for a single event. That may seem frivolous, but given that the event was the pinnacle of my running 'career' to date I figured it was fair.   The shoes are...

VauDe Escape Kids Pants 19th Dec 2017 Kids Escape Pants - VAUDE

Kids waterproof trousers come and go in our family pretty quickly. When they were younger we bought pair after pair of cheap, thin, no-frills versions for a few quid. They'd last a few months...

Mobile Solar Chargers 5th Dec 2017 Mobile Solar Charger Kit

On a recent trip to Cliffbase in Croatia I was in need of some power. Cliffbase is an amazing place, but has no mains electricity, so is totally reliant on the sun. Last time we went there was...

North Wales Bouldering 4th Dec 2017 North Wales Bouldering

I can safely say that this is the biggest climbing guide I have yet reviewed. At 668 pages it's a mighty tome that comes with a hefty price tag of £36.95. It may sound expensive, but it's...