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Edelrid Kids Sheild II Helmet

20th Jul 2015

Getting kids to wear helmets when climbing is clearly super-important. It surprises me that there is not a broad range of helmets out there vying for the attention of younger generation climbers. Edelrid are one manufacturer who have taken this approach and created the very snazzy Kids Shield II. I can't recall what the mark I looked like, but the II is a definite hit. With two large eyes on the front the helmet give the appearance of a big bug, and has been an instant hit with both our boys. They each have exactly the same helmet so there is no argument about who gets which one. They fit snugly, with an adjustable dial on the back to shrink or enlarge the circumference of the inner cradle between 48-56cm. This actually fits some adults. 

The chin strap, importantly is easily adjustable, with the buckle sitting to one side so it's not rubbing on the jaw bone. There's padding inside the helmet which can be jiggled about a little thanks to the fact that it's held in place by Velcro. The helmet also comes with some spare padding for when it wears out or becomes too smelly. Hope I can find it when we need it ;-). There are holes in the outer shell to allow it to breathe, and there are 4 plastic buckles for attaching a head torch. 

Edelrid Kids Shield II 3

Essentially this is a fully fledged climbing helmet designed with proper climbing in mind, but designed for kids. Every time our buys have worn them - and I mean every time - people have commented on how cool they look, both adults and kids.

Edelrid Kids Shield II 2

They are very lightweight (248g), and we've not once had a complaint from either boy about having to wear them, even for extended periods at the bottom of the crag whilst not actually climbing. 

Edelrid Kids Shield II 4

It's really important to make sure that kids keep their helmets on when at the base of the crag too. Even in this photo, gearing up before abseiling in there is a small bluff above us with people walking about on the cliff top so there is always a threat of random rock fall.

They retail at £55, very reasonable in my opinion.

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