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30th Jan 2006 Guidebook: BMC Burbage, Millstone & Beyond

Burbage, Millstone & Beyond Eastern Edges: North Just finished browsing through my copy of the new BMC guide. I have to say that once again I am impressed. That’s not to say that I didn’t have...

12th Jan 2006 Chalk Bucket: Metolius Bouldering Bucket with M16 Brush & Super Chalk

  Years ago I'd go down to the climbing wall and tut under my breath at guys climbing with their tops off! I'm now normally one of the first to remove my shirt whilst bouldering now. I also used...

11th Jan 2006 Resole: Feet First

Feet First Resole Rock boots / shoes are hardly cheap. You can reasonably expect to pay upwards of £65 for a performance pair. Let’s say that you have worn a pair for 6 months, they have been...