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Sun Cream: Life Ventures Jelly Fish 30

5th Oct 2009

What a great idea! Waterproof sun cream with built in ant-jelly fish formula. Not particularly necessary in Sheffield or the Peak District, but perfect for a deep water soloing trip to Mallorca where it was liberally dosed on me, my wife, and our boys. Not one of us was stung in 10 days despite there being jelly fish in the sea. Obviously this doesn't outright prove its efficacy, but it certainly suggests that it is effective. One swim, my wife even had a lifeguard follow her from the beach to warn her of the jellyfish danger, but she managed without any run-ins with them. On top of that we all managed 10 days without burning, and have come back with a nice tan to boot. It seemed to be particularly effective at repelling water, making our skin resemble a brand new Goretex jacked when first applied. A general thumbs up :-)


Life Ventures Jelly Fish Sun Protection