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Mat Robinson

After growing up in Richmond, North Yorkshire, I went to study Physics & Astrophysics at the University of York followed by coming to do a PhD in Cosmology at Sheffield.

I've spent a large part of my life trying to understand the universe and its natural beauty - and in the three places I've lived I've never been far from obvious examples of this - from Richmond and the Yorkshire Dales, to York and then the Peak District. Throughout my childhood I spent plenty of weekends exploring the old mining areas and streams of Swaledale - giving me a taste for the outdoors which has now grown into quite an obsession. I can only hope that some of my photos can do justice to both the natural and historical beauty found in the north of England. To me,  there is no other feeling quite like being alone in semi-darkness on the top of a mountain in freezing fog/wind/snow waiting for the few moments when the sun breaks through and illuminates the surrounding landscape. Safe in the knowledge that few, if any, others will ever witness the same view in the same conditions. To capture any of the sensation I get from being in such situations would constitute a small success on my part - and it is striving to share this feeling that leads me to devote increasing amounts of time to photography in the hope of one day taking that 'perfect' photo.


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