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Bra: TNF Seamless Sports Bra

10th Nov 2005

This is a great bra for most activities, including running - but that always depends on your size and how much support you need. For me it was fine, but I'm sure that more supportive bras exist. I like this one for comfort.

It feels secure without restricting my breathing at all, which I have experienced with less stretchy sports bras. The racing-back (cross-over) style gives the shoulders freedom to move and, worn under a rucksack, there is no rubbing.

The wicking material is excellent and has ventilation holes in appropriate places. I wore mine for several days in a row (whilst walking in
Scotland) and was very impressed - it stayed dry and fresh. I recommend this bra for active women, or those who just like to be comfortable.

6 month's down the line... Unfortunately, this bra has felt less supportive recently. I will still use it for comfort and low impact sports, but not for running.

Reviewed by Heather Clark on behalf of planetFear