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DMM: Delivernance Rope Bag

8th Jun 2006

I was a little dubious about this bag when I first used it. That was because I threw away the instructions and didn't grasp the concept immediately. Basically it is a two part bag: a waterproof tarp and a roll bag. The tarp is laid out flat, shiny waterproof side down and the rope laid on it and tied off to the two loops at opposite corners (shame the loops aren't different colours from each other). The tarp has a tapered end with an eight inch long Velcro tab. This Velcro tab matches with another inside a zipped compartment within the confines of the bag. Initially I couldn't find this Velcro tab to join the two components together, and was then a little puzzled as to why it was inside a zipped pocket. It’s obvious in hindsight that the design is such that the tarp can be stowed away inside the pocket and the bag used as a regular satchel if need be. Not sure how useful this is as so far my rope has not come out of the bag except when climbing. It's neat though. So, the tarp is wrapped around the rope and the package rolled into the bag. The bag itself is plenty big enough for a 60m sport rope. Once the rope is inside, you simply press the top edges together with another set of Velcro strips. roll them over as you would a dry bag, and use the plastic clip to synch the whole thing up nice and tight. It is carried by way of a single strap with a comfortable foam pad, the designers realising that few people ever use rope bags as rucksacks as they are normal carrying a sack anyway.

Cunningly DMM have designed the bag with trad as well as sport climbing. It features a single, central loop which they reckon you can hang the bag from your harness or stance with, the rope stashed inside instead of tangled around bushes twenty feet below you. When you are climbing it simply rolls up into a single shoulder strap ready for the next stance. Not sure how this would work if alternating leads...

Retails at £39.99. Pretty pricy, but a very well thought out and well made bag so I'd say it is a good price.