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Helmet: Black Diamond Half Dome

5th Jan 2009

What Black Diamond say:
The Black Diamond Half Dome. Black Diamond classic, go-anywhere climbing helmet, the Half Dome is designed with maximum coverage and minimal weight. It features a quick-adjust suspension system and recessed headlamp clips. For durable head cover it combines a rigid shell, EPS liner and fully adjustable suspension with a padded brow strap. CE and UIAA-certified.

Weight 360g. Retails at £39.99

What planetFear say:
Despite its light weight this is a fully CE certified helmet giving ample protection in the event of a fall or a knock on the head. I foolishly managed to go for a few years without a helmet – or rather I had one, but it was so old, battered, and ugly, that I didn’t wear it much, if at all – so it’s a surprising relief to have one that I am happy and keen to wear again. It fits my head perfectly well and is very quickly adjustable with the dial at the rear. That said it took me a few minutes to figure out why it was so uncomfortable when first out of the box as one of the two Velcro backed foam pads which come packaged separately had gone astray. Once I realized what they were for and orientated them correctly (matched up the Velcro on the pads and in the helmet) all was good. Not sure why they don’t come attached. I suppose it means you can detach them and wash them when they get a bit manky. Some people have said that they find the chin strap a little fiddly and I have to agree, but then I have never found a helmet with a chin strap that isn’t! Come on hemet designers, why is it so difficult. I certainly wouldn’t want to be making adjustments in cold weather with gloves on (some would argue why would you, but it’d still be nice. It comes with head torch attachments and is nicely breathable. All in all, for £40, it’s a great little helmet that you will barely notice when wearing as it is so light weight.