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Wild Guide Lakes And Yorkshire 29th Sep 2017 Wild Guide To The Lake District & Yorkshire Dales

If you read my reviews you'll know that I am a big fan of Wild Things Publishing. They started out with Wild Swimming and have since gone on to produce a whole raft of other titles, the latest...

25203-hoopiecollar-bluemountain-web 28th Sep 2017 Hoopie Collar - Ruffwear

There's not a whole lot to say about a dog collar, but this one is certainly the best one we've owned / used. It's sturdy, but lightweight. The V-ring is attached in such a way that it doesn't...

Edelrid Apus Pro Dry 26th Sep 2017 Climbing Ropes - Edelrid Apus Pro Dry 7.9 60m

Climbing with new ropes is a great feeling. One of security I guess. When I started out climbing a half rope was usually 9mm, with full ropes coming in at 10mm+. Obviously technology has...

Via Ferratas Of The French Alps 25th Sep 2017 Via Ferratas Of The French Alps

Via Ferratas are perhaps one of the oldest forms of adrenaline-based mountain activity. However they weren't originally designed with pleasure in use. Originating in the Italian Dolomites they...

Kitchen Sink Sea To Summit 1 22nd Sep 2017 Kitchen Sink - Sea To Summit

A very handy addition to our camping kit. It's been used for water carrying, washing up, crabbing, muscle filtration (of the shellfish variety!), water collection, and as a shopping bag! It...

Alpkit Ordos 2 - 4 21st Sep 2017 Ordos 2 Lightweight Tent - Alpkit

Lightweight tents have been around for some time. Driven by two-day mountain marathon events where pairs of competitors race in teams carrying all of their kit and food weight became paramount...