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Wild Guide - Scandinavia

14th Jul 2016

I've reviewed one Wild Guide already, to the South of England. This is a whole different world of a book. I suspect I have yet to find a guide book with this many inspiring photographs in it. A long time ago, 1997 I think it was, we travelled in a little yellow BT van to the remote islands of Lofoten off the coast of Norway. Up past the Arctic Circle we had a magical fortnight climbing in the midnight sun with barely a drop of rain. We said at the time that we may never come back as we’d had such a good time it would be hard to beat. This week a friend has been posting some outstanding photos of his climbing trip to the same place, and then this guide lands on my desk. Perhaps it's time to reconsider? I also discovered(from reading this book) that the location of the beach in one of my all time favourite adventure films North Of The Sun is on a beach on one of the Lofoten islands.

Essentially it’s difficult to review this book with any specifics as it covers such a vast, vast area including Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland, that I won't try to. We had a superb trip to Denmark a couple of years ago, and our trip to Norway back in '97 was a corker. Suffice to say that thanks to this guidebook we will definitely be going back. It is really, really inspiring. Sweden next time I think…

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