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Edelrid Shield Light Climbing Helmet

3rd Oct 2017


Weighing 220g the Edelrid Shield Lite helmet is amongst the lightest on the market. It's a single-piece moulded foam construction with a hard outer shell. Inside there is a removable lattice of padding which can be washed if it gets smelly. It is fixed ion place with Velcro pads. There's also a second pad to rest against the forehead. The back of the head needs no such pad as this is where the webbing cradle that you adjust to fit your head sits. Unlike many modern helmets which feature a plastic adjustment wheel to tighten or loosen the cradle, the Shield Lite has two lightweight plastic clips which can be set to the right place and nipped shut. Truth be told it's a little fiddly the first few times, but once you get the hang of it it's perfectly fine. Perhaps the best bit about this helmet is the ease with which the chin strap is adjusted. Unlike most helmets which require a reasonable about of fiddling and effort, this one is a doddle. There is plenty of ventilation - 16 holes in all - meaning that it's good for the sort of climbing that will make you hot! All apart from two of the vents are on the side of the helmet reducing the risk of stone-fall penetrating via a vent. There are a pair of minimalist flexible plastic clips at the front and a pair at the back for fixing a head torch onto the helmet. These work just fine.
More info on the Edelrid website. RRP £80.