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Walking Boots: Scarpa Charmoz GTX (B2)

24th Mar 2009

Scarpa Boots
During the recent freeze I ventured out onto some local frozen turf in my plastic boots. The short walk to the bottom of the gulley was akin to a Monty Python Ministry Of Silly Walks sketch, and the pain excruciating. It was with a great amount of relief that I took delivery of these boots which have now superseded my plastics on all, but one front. They are incredibly light weight – around half the weight of the plastics. Despite having a full shank (meaning they are entirely rigid in the sole) there is a small amount of flexibility in the uppers, which combined with the weight means that they are very comfortable to walk in. Trudging through knee deep snow and ankle deep water they kept my feet dry and warm, without a hint of dampness inside. My semi-clip-on crampons (Grivel G-12’s) fit the grooved heel as well as they do the plastics. The laces are a mixed blessing. The arch of the boot comprises a standard criss-cross pattern through running rings as most shoes and boots do. However the first of the lacing points on the ankle section is a cleverly moulded metal hook which grips the lace and holds it tight once you have adjusted things over your arch nicely (when you come to take the boots off it’s a simple matter to pull the lace outwards, releasing it from the hook, in a similar fashion to a window blind). Once you have the arch sorted there are then three more sets of lacing hooks to tighten the ankle section. My gripe here, the only one with the whole review really, is that the laces are too short to effectively use all the hooks and still leave enough to tie a decent bow.

I mentioned at the start of the review that the plastics were still better on one front – they are warmer. I’ve not yet used them in anything below about -5, but be warned that they are only rated to –10 degrees Celsius hence their light weight.

A superb pair of boots – a Modern Bullet Train in comparison to my old Flying Scotsman plastics or leather Zamberlans…


The Spec:

Summary – Scarpa’s no1 best selling Mountaineering boot worldwide provides a super light and versatile alpine boot. The boot of choice for 40 Plas Y Brenin guides!

Where? – Ideally suited to alpine and UK winter climbs where low weight and dexterity are required. Ever popular for mountain walking, scrambling and Via Ferrata.


* Last FT
* L-Tech /Lorica Pro Fibre midsole provides superb support
* GTX Lining Generous rubber rand for protection
* Vibram Mulaz sole including climbing zone cleating with EVA and PU inserts for comfort and durability
* Guideline Tempreature Zone -+ 25 to – 10 C
* Crampon rating – B2
* Crampon Recommendation – Grivel Air Tech with New Matic Binding
* Weight 1480g size 42
* Colour – Silver-blue

Size range 40-48