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Polaris RBS Overshoes

6th Dec 2016

Yesterday's winter bike kit review was the Cadence Bib Tights. Today's is the RBS Overshoes.

I mentioned yesterday that any reflective material on the lower legs is more visible than anywhere else on the body of a cyclist, and nowhere is this more pronounced than on the feet, which obviously have the most movement of any part of the body. This became apparent to me one night when I followed a cyclist along a narrow stretch of road and was mesmerized by his revolving high viz over-shoes. They were literally impossible to notice. The Polaris RBS Overshoes are a combination of black and flourescent yellow panels, with a reflective silver strip down the front. I wear a size 9.5 / 10 shoe so opted for a L overshoe. They fit nice and snugly and are easy enough to fit once your shoes are on. They needed no rearranging to make sure that the cleats were accessible through the hole on the ball of the foot. They are not waterproof, buy do add a layer of wind protection and general warmth, whilst at the same time being very visible at night. They are opened and closed by way of a wide Velcro strip down the back of each overshoe, so no zips to get clogged up with salt and other road debris, and if they ae anything like the other overshoes I have owned, the Velcro will outlast the rubberised soles. All in all, a decent set of basic overshoes priced at £29.99.
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