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Snip20161202 4 9th Dec 2016 Polaris Pack Me Jacket & Torsion Shirt

All of this week I've been reviewing Polaris Bikewear suitable for the winter (Monday - Cadence Bob Tights, Tue  - RBS Overshoes, Wed - Blitz Gloves, Thu - Windsheer Windproof Jersey).  As it's...

Snip20161202 3 8th Dec 2016 Polaris Windsheer Windproof Jersey

Almost completing the set of reviews this week of Polaris Bikewear kit - Cadence Bib Tights (Monday), RBS Overshoes (Tuesday), Blitz Windproof Gloves (Wednesday) - is the Windshear Windproof...

Snip20161202 1 7th Dec 2016 Polaris Blitz Gloves

Wednesday's Polaris Bikewear reviews comes on the heels of the Cadence Bib Tights (Monday) and the RBS Overshoe (Tue).  Today it’s the turn of the Tornado Blitz Winter Cycling Gloves.   ...

POL01-5839-P-2 6th Dec 2016 Polaris RBS Overshoes

Yesterday's winter bike kit review was the Cadence Bib Tights. Today's is the RBS Overshoes. I mentioned yesterday that any reflective material on the lower legs is more visible than anywhere...

Snip20161202 2 5th Dec 2016 Polaris Cadence Bib Tights

I've been a while in getting this kit reviewed as it was simply too warm to wear and use until recently. I'd been aware of the Polaris brand for many years, having never quite got around to doing...