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Rucksack Cover: Osprey Airporter LZ

28th Jul 2009

Another clever bag from Osprey. I once had a bouldering mat that came in a heavy duty bag. When travelling to the US for a road trip with a massive luggage allowance, but no rucksack big enough to take advantage of it I decided to put my biggest sack inside the bouldering mat bag along with a sleeping bag, extra clothes and climbing ropes. It made for a very neat package to ckeck in at the airport with very few dangling straps to get caught on conveyors and giving just one carry-handle for the handlers to pick it up with. Osprey have effectively marketed exactly this device – a heavy duty, but reasonably light weight, large bag to put your rucksack inside, thereby protecting it from the rigours of air travel, and also providing an extra barrier to prying hands. The zips are even padloclable. Weighs 370g and has a capacity of 136l. External Dimensions: 94cm x 42cm x 47cm


Osprey Airporter


Reviewed by Matt Heason on behalf of planetFear