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DVD: Tjugo Pa Kjuge

1st Jun 2006

I have mixed feelings about this DVD. On the one hand it showcases a fantastic looking bouldering venue somewhere in Sweden. On the other hand it follows the same fairly tired old format of funky soundtrack (in fairness it is a better than average score) to beanie clad, muscular young men slapping and grunting up various hard looking boulder problems. There is a lot of repetition in the filming, with most ascents taking plenty of goes. My biggest gripe is the fact that it doesn't give much away in terms of where the bouldering is. If I was trying to tell the world about a bouldering area they should come and visit I'd include the low down on how to get there, when to come and what sort of scope there is. I also don't like the name. What does it mean? It's virtually impossible for a non native speaker to remember it so everybody refers to it as 'That Swedish Film'.

In summary, worth watching because it features some world class looking bouldering, but let down by too many basics to recommend it.