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Fleece: Montane Liberty Jacket

26th Aug 2010

I've just popped down to the allotment and that first chill of the end of Summer made me reach for my trusty fleece. You know the one, you reach for it all the time, its the first thing you throw on when you want to feel cosy and comfy. You always take it to the crag just in case, it's been on every camping trip of the year, its thrown in when you go biking so that are warm when you stop. When my last trusty fleece died it was saggy, bobbly and looked pretty frumpy. The Liberty Jacket is quite different. Its cut is flattering and feminine, and the shape has kept well over a year's use. After vigorous exercise, the "zoned construction" is effective as you stay warm but your skin still breaths; opening the pockets also helps you to control warmth vs. breath ability. The cuff structure works well for staying warm (no airy gaps) and they don't get in the way when you are climbing. It fits well with my climbing harness if I unzip at the waist a tad, and slips well onto damp-from-the-sea skin. It's weight also adds to its versatility as you don't think twice about bringing it along for whatever you are doing. The only downside to The Liberty Jacket is that over a year of regular use, the material has thinned and pilled somewhat. Incidentally, the close fit is also good for midge avoidance! So this jacket is a good technical fleece that is so versatile it can also double up as your trusty fleece that you grab on your way down to the allotment.

RRP £75.00

Reviewed by Sophie Heason


Montane Liberty Jacket