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a4b3b98ad5a56629d80c9d67a4422182 1024x1024 26th Jul 2016 Wild Swimming - Hidden Beaches

If you follow my reviews at all then you will know that I am a big fan of the Wild Swim series of books. I find them thoroughly inspirational, especially in light of yesterday's Blog post about...

WG-Scandinavia-3D-cover-lr-464x500 14th Jul 2016 Wild Guide - Scandinavia

I've reviewed one Wild Guide already, to the South of England. This is a whole different world of a book. I suspect I have yet to find a guide book with this many inspiring photographs in it. A...

punk in the gym 01 andy pollitt 13th Jul 2016 Punk In The Gym - Andy Pollitt

Andy Pollitt’s book was given to me by Vertebrate Publishing, the Sheffield-based business responsible for the majority of the recent climbing biographies, with a twinkle of the eye and a...

5c97a63a-ff51-4fea-ab4f-29856a0e6e37 18 12th Jul 2016 Salewa Fusion Hybrid -8 Sleeping Bag

I was after a sleeping bag for comfortable nights in the UK that packs down small, doesn’t weigh much, and is warm. The Fusion Hybrid concept is basically a 50 / 50 mix of down and synthetic...

Polaris Kids 2 4th Jul 2016 Polaris - Mini Adventure Cycle Kit

Now I’d driven past the Polaris offices in Dronfield numerous times over the years, but never owned any of their kit. Thankfully this has now been rectified, but this review will be focused...