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Torch: Black Diamond Wiz

18th Apr 2008

Well, there have been plenty of reviews about this piece of kit, and I concur with the generally positive outlook. Battery life is very good, aided by the automatic switch-off of course, but I question why it’s necessary to produce something specifically for a ‘junior’ market. All the good points, bright colour (good for finding if dropped), automatic switch-off, can be assimilated into an ‘adult’ version; so why produce something supposedly for ‘kids’ when it would be a welcome addition to any adults’ wish-list.There is one not-so-slight niggle. As usual, I first used it without referring to the instruction sheet. (I know, I know, but we all do it. :-) )The switch system is not intuitive. You try picking one up without reading up and try switching it on; ‘It’s bust.’ ‘The batteries are dead.’ Finally, inexplicably, it lights up. ‘What did I do differently?’ OK, now let’s switch off. Flash-flash-flash. Press again. Full beam. Again; Flash-flash-flash. How the heck?For some reason that escapes me you are required to depress the switch for a full second, perhaps even more, to achieve the desired response. Got to remember: I’m wearing the Wiz. That’s all right, then. But in me limited experience I’ve only come across led’s that respond immediately. Tiny gripe, but it got to me.Thanks for giving me the opportunity to test it; it compares well with any other I use, and – extremely important, it’s easy (when you know how) to operate with heavily gloved or mitted hands. Some are not and are potentially dangerous.


Reviewed by Matt Heason on behalf of planetFear