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Nyx Jacket - Sprayway

17th May 2012

Sprayway Nyx Jacket


Colour : Red with yellow piping to inner edge of jacket and hood.

Size : Large

Since receiving this jacket for review Britain has been gripped in spreading hosepipe bans, so there have been few opportunities to test this item for ‘waterproof-ness’. That said, on those few occasions, it fulfilled its role. I specifically wore a cotton layer next to the jacket to test for leaks, and post walks (45-90) minutes in medium rains I suffered no leaks to seams and the cotton layer remained dry.

I am 5’10” and 180lbs of a medium build. The jacket fitted well, with no excessive product advertising and despite its single outer layer colour was quite stylish, being safely conspicuous on hillside and to-from the pub. It is of a light construction and so those restricted to the weight of kit to carry could consider this as a serious contender (under 600g). It is mesh lined (protects the GoreTex), folds into its own internal pouch and has an adequate number of pockets (for maps, phones etc).

I liked details; the drawstrings are on the reverse side of the outer hems, this means the tailored shape of the jacket is not lost or broken up by unsightly bits of tat hanging down. It’s not overly complicated by underarm vents (don’t get me wrong, underarm vents brilliant where you need them), or access zips (adding to weight and mechanical vulnerability).

For me the, the biggest downside was how the hood was drawstringed. I found that the drawstring pulled the hood nice and snug (depending how hard you pulled the elastic), but I found that the drawstring ran at the same height as my ears. This meant that every crinkle and swish of the fabric went straight into my ears obliterating much of the conversation around me. The hood is well designed to capture the volume of your head- maintaining enough spare volume that all but the direct wind/rain is held out. The outside line of the hood is held rigid with an internal wire which nicely kept the hood off my glasses.

Retails for £140 - not bad value for a fully waterproof jacket!

Reviewed by Andy Lever.