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SPI Running Pouch

16th Oct 2013

There's not a whole lot that I can write about this belt apart from the fact that it's a great little idea. So it's a sunny day and you are heading out for a run. None of your articles of clothing have a pocket of any sort, but you want to take your phone and a couple of gels with you. You don't really want to take a whole bum bag or rucksack, and you can't fit everything into your arm phone-holster. enter the SPI Belt. It's lightweight elasticated belt with a plastic buckle with a sewn in elasticated pocket. On first acquaintance it appears to be too small to hold a phone, but the pocket is made from a very stretchy fabric and easily fits the phone and some gels inside. Because it's elasticated it holds whatever is inside snugly and doesn't let it rattle around too much. If you want to access it whilst running it's easy enough to slide it around to your front, unzip, and away you go. Simplicity. If I had one quibble it would be the price. They retail at around £20 which is not cheap for what it is, but on the other hand I take my hat off to whoever came up with the idea and hope that they do well from it so don't mind substituting their creative innovation. They come in a multitude of colours, and there are also bigger versions with a second pocket which it's possible to fit a very lightweight waterproof top into at a squeeze. In fact thet do a whole range of interesting lookng variants including a hands free dog lead (they've clearly not met my parent's dog as there's no way I would want to physically attach myself to him for fear of being dragged off into the bushes for a sniff!), messenger bags, and more.

You can check out their full range on their website. And they are also on Facebook ad Twitter @SPIBELT