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X-Pan 21 - Sea To Summit

26th Jun 2017

Another well designed bit of kit from Sea To Summit, but it comes at a price. At 21cm (8 inches) this is a pan suitable for cooking, say, a breakfast for 2, or pancakes, or frying up some veg for some pasta. It's not a one-pot wonder to make a curry in. Where it differs from your usual frying pan is the handle. Instead of a single long handle which presents problems when it comes to packing it into a rucksack, it has two small handles, one on each side of the pan, each with a silicone grip on it. It is possible to pick up the pan using just one of the handles, but two hands is safer. When not in use the handles fold down underneath the pan out of the way making packing it a breeze. It's lightweight - 245g and made of a combination of aluminium and stainless steel. In use it heats up quickly and evenly and doesn't burn easily despite it not being a dedicated non-stick surface. It retails at £35 which some would argue is a chunky price tag for a frying pan, but if you value your well designed kit then it's very good indeed, and feels as though it will last many, many years.

Sea To Summit X Pan 21 2

Sea To Summit X Pan 21

More info on the Sea To Summit website, where you can buy it too.