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Waterproof: The North Face Triumph

20th Mar 2009

We recently reviewed the ultra lightweight Hydrogen jacket, also by TNF, which weighs in at a mere 87g. However, it isn’t really a fully functional waterproof jacket, with no hood, and non breathable ultra thin rip-stop nylon. The Triumph is heralded by TNF as being the lightest waterproof ‘jacket’ ever, weighing just 152g! How do they do this? Well, it comprises just 2 panels of material which not only means less stitching and hence less weight, but also less potential leak-points. The material itself (Hyvent DT) is seriously light, but at the same time breathable. They’ve even made the adjusting cordlocks on the hood from foam to lose an extra gram or two!

Retailing at £130 it’s a lot of pounds per gram, but if moving quickly with quality kit is your goal then it’s worth every penny.

Reviewed by Matt Heason on behalf of planetFear