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Waterproof Trousers: Montane Featherlight Pants

13th Oct 2009

Retailing at £39.99 and weighing in at 120g these must rank as one of the most expensive pence-per-gram bit of outdoor kit, but that shouldn’t stop you buying them! Granted, if you are off for a long day’s slog in the Northern Corries this winter you’ll want something a little more robust and durable, especially if crampons feature! Where these babies come into their own is the fact that you can take them pretty much anywhere without noticing them, and have an emergency pair of waterproof trousers (it bugs me they market them as pants in the UK!) wherever you are. The last 3 summers in the UK have been blighted with unpredictable weather, with heavy showers blowing in without any notice. This last summer I normally had these trousers with me, whether out cragging, mountain biking, walking, or even just picnicking with the kids. The breathable material works pretty well, keeping out heavy rain at the same time as keeping sweating to a minimum. There’s an elasticated drawcord to tighten the waist, with a miniscule plastic toggle illustrating how Montane have shaved off every possible gram. The fit is tight enough that they haven’t included any excess material which would add to the weight, but loose enough that climbing is still possible (I climbed Preposterous Tales at Pembroke in them – a subterranean adventure involving some incredibly wet pot-holing high in the roof of a sea cave – and they kept me perfectly dry).

Highly recommended.