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Guidebook: The Lakes (Rockfax)

4th Oct 2005

One of the early ones, The Lakes Rockfax somehow looks more stylish than it’s younger brothers and sisters. The striking front cover shot with its black border, of a sports climb in a slate quarry, could perhaps have been substituted for a trad mountain route, but is undeniably moody and classy at the same time. Unfortunately that’s as far as the sleekness goes. Inside there isn’t a single colour photograph, and it quickly becomes evident why the front cover is of a slate route. Basically this is not a typical guide book to the Lakes, it is more of a guide to the quarry’s and low lying outcrops of the same area better known for its traditional classics in the hills. It does feature a token directory of the best mountain crags at the end, with a few selected route names and grades listed for good measure, but this is predominantly a companion guide for the traditional guides to the area. Rockfax knows what it is good at and has stuck to its principles. Published in 1994 I wonder if we’ll see a re-print including bouldering which has taken off in the area of late?

Reviewed by Matt Heason on behalf of planetFear