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Light: Black Diamond Apollo Light

20th Mar 2009

After throwing away the instructions and then spending 10 minutes figuring out exactly what the Apollo does and how it does it I was very impressed indeed, so much so that when packing for a camping weekend recently I threw out the old Gaz lamp and candle lantern in favour of this one device that does everything.

Essentially it is a light for your tent or cook area. Operated by 4 AA batteries it runs a single 3 Watt LED via dual internal reflectors and a frosted case to give a very bright and event light. It’s three legs give it great stability and its rugged plastic casing lends it an air of indestructibility uncommon in most camping lights.

It has three brightness settings, and will run for 60 hours (presumably on the lowest setting).

Fantastic bit of kit.


Reviewed by Matt Heason on behalf of planetFear