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Mammut Tatlow GTX Approach Shoes

5th Apr 2017

Smart and stylish and a long way from the gaudy colours of many other approach shoes, the Tatlow GTX have a leather outer shell with a decent Goretex lining meaning that for the time being at least, the shoes are both waterproof and windproof. 

Mammut have developed what they call an 'integrated Mammut Rolling Concept' which gives the shoes a pronounced convex sole designed to work with the natural roll of the foot and reduce fatigue, and consequent ankle twisting. Initially I found the shape very aggressive and a tad uncomfortable, but as with most footwear, a few miles of activity in them and they bedded down nicely and are now my shoes of choice. And I can confirm that I've not even come close to twisting my ankles! 

It's a shame that they don't have a pull loop on the heel to double as an attachment point for a climbing harness, but it's not a show stopper, and actually serves to make them look a little more presentable than your average approach shoe.

Weighing 461g per shoe they feel light on the feet, but have a build quality that is showing absolutely no signs of wear after a couple of months of daily use. The retail at £130. Pricy, but very good quality shoes from a trustworthy manufacturer.

More info on the Mammut website

Mammut Tatlow GTX Approach Shoes