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Jacket: TNF Vortex Triclime

16th Nov 2005

Step into the vortex. Waterproof, breathable three-in-one jacket, you'll be ready for any condition with the Vortex TriClimate™ jacket. That’s what The North Face have to say about this heavyweight ski jacket. So why wear a dedicated ski jacket as opposed to a load of base layers and a regular waterproof? Largely for the added features that you don’t get on a regular waterproof. For starters it has a detachable hood, a fairly insignificant sounding add-on, until you are hurtling down a piste at 40 miles an hour on a bright, hot, sunny day and your hood is flapping about in an attempt to decapitate you. Secondly you get a decent sized front pocket lined with soft, protective chamois for your goggles. On those dream days when the power is deep and you are forever bailing into it, there is a snow-skirt to stop the cold stuff getting inside. This skirt works in conjunction with TNF trousers if you have them. TNF are pretty clever and make all their jackets with zips that match. Thus if you have a duvet jacket or a light weight fleece you can remove the inner shell and replace with one of these to match the outside temperature. Similarly, if it’s a good, hot day you can ditch the inner shell altogether, to be left with something more akin to a regular waterproof jacket (with added bonus features as described above). Never to be accused of wasting an opportunity, the inner shell is also designed to be worn alone if necessary. Effectively then, you are getting three jacket in one. This does mean that it is very bulky, weighing in at a hefty 1505g, which if it was a technical mountaineering jacket, would be a problem. Given that most people will wear it on ski lifts, and going down hill, this shouldn’t be an issue. On top of all of the above, it looks very good, and will certainly fit into any après-ski activities.


Reviewed by Matt Heason on behalf of planetFear