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Rock Shoes: 5.10 T Rock

1st Mar 2006

£70.00 | Lace Up | size reviewed 10.5 (foot size 10) | weight 546g | high asymmetry

A large fit which results in some light pressure points high around the ankle, and a typically baggy Five Ten heel. They’re the downsides, what about the up? Superb, benchmark quality Stealth C4 rubber, nice looks, super comfortable double padded tongue and nice chunky laces. The T-Rock is certainly a favourite amongst climbers both indoors and out, evident by the number of the one sees in use. The shape is a fairly non aggressive, low asymmetrical one which, combined with the padded tongue (and ignoring the pressure on the ankle), results in a very comfortable performance shoe. The straight last gives extra confidence in the big toe when standing on small edges, whilst the long lacing system enables you to really tighten up the entire length of the shoe and gain an extra degree of sensitivity than the slippers and some of the Velcros on test. Five Ten call their edging production ‘Dime Edge Technology’ presumably because their aim is to enable you to stand on a dime edge. We wouldn’t argue, they were excellent on small edges and would be a contender for best boot if it weren’t for the heel. We’re told that the next generation of heels will still feature the tear drop style slingshot, but will be snug fitting too! We were allowed to try on a prototype pair and can confirm that they are a definite improvement, but still not perfect.


This review was carried out as part of a massive comparative review of 25 pairs of Performance Rock Shoes. We think that this could be the biggest review of such shoes ever undertaken. You can read the whole review here.