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NTS Micro 150gm2 Tshirt - Smartwool

4th Sep 2014

Review for the NTS Micro 150gm2 Tshirt

The resounding characteristic of the smartwool thermal Tshirt is how hard wearing it is for such a light soft material. I have worn this day after day either on it's own for sport, as a base layer in the cold or just as casual wear and it has kept it's shape and warmth. The claims made about Merino wool are true. When I'm running in it, it wicks away sweat so well, I just don't feel chilled from any damp patches. I've put it straight on wet skin from swimming and that has also wicked away. I have just come back from a cycle touring holiday, and there was no smell after days of unwashed wear. Whereas other baselayers can feel restrictive, itchy and hold damp in, I have not experienced any of that with the NTS Micro 150gm2 Tshirt. I've got to admit I am pretty hard on my base layer clothes, which often end up baggy, frayed or holey after the same amount of wear I have had from this Tshirt. I like the tshirt in stripes, it looks good and I'm happy kicking about on a Saturday wearing it with jeans. I think I'll be buying another one if this one ever does wear out. 

If you want one, mine is the 150g/m2 Micro single layer for warm weather performance/base layer for cool weather.

It costs £49.99.