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DVD: Posing Productions Storms The Movie

16th Dec 2005

The latest from Alaistair Lee and David Halsted has them going where no climbing film has gone before – pure, unadultered comedy.

Fresh from success at the Kendal Film festival, Storms: The Movie had a lot to live up to. Straight from the start it had me laughing and it continually had me and my watching partner laughing for the rest of its 34mins.

Yes, it is short at 34 mins but the DVD has a number of extras, from the ‘making of’ to the ‘outtakes’ that again will have you laughing and certainly buffs out the DVD. 34 mins actually turns out to be a perfect length for the main film.

Storms is closer to ‘The Fast Show’ than ‘Dosage’ – its not a movie for a young climber looking to get psyched, more an evening’s entertainment after a day at the crag for the ‘more experienced’ climber.

Thoroughly enjoyable, and worth its praise.