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Laptop Bag: Exped Crush

15th Mar 2006

Every now and again something comes along that’s innovative, practical and most importantly, affordable. This is one of those items. Basically if you have a laptop you are probably pretty precious about it. Taking it away on trips is a worry. Well get yourself a Crush bag and your worries won’t go away, but they’ll be considerably lessened. At £10 it’s not exactly going to break the bank and is cheaper than pretty much any other computer peripheral / accessory I can think of. It is a lightweight bag resistant to water and sand (taped seams), with a removable high density foam inner bag to protect against scrapes and knocks. My own widescreen machine only just fits into the inner sleeve with its Velcro opening done up, but it should fit most models. You then roll up the outer bag like a standard dry-bag, and clip together the buckles for a fairly air-tight seal. There are two carry straps on the side, one with D-ring buckle, making it easy to pick up and not drop! The whole thing weighs 227g so doesn’t really add much to your overall kit weight.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that you can get different sized bags for other devices and gadgets, from MP3 players and phones to PDA’s and cameras.