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23rd Nov 2010 Guidebook: Cuba Climbing

 A number of years ago we seriously considered a trip to Cuba. Not sure why it didn't happen really, but it didn't. We discovered an amazing website as part of our...

22nd Nov 2010 Guidebook: Montserrat Rock Climbs

Many years ago I was in Barcelona for a few days and we decided to take a trip up to Montserrat as it's only a few minutes away by train. We were on a cycle-touring trip at the time so didn't...

19th Nov 2010 Sleeping Mats: Alpkit Dozer & Little Kippa

I remember the days of carry-mats. Cheap, thin foam that, once you'd slept in it for a few nights, would compress to the thickness of a pound coin and offer very little in the way of comfort or...

17th Nov 2010 Guidebook: UAE Rock Climbing

A friend of mine has spent a lot of time in the Egyptian Sinai developing routes, I've been to Wadi Rum in Jordan a couple of times, and I know that Tony Howard has done a lot of desert...

16th Nov 2010 Guidebook: Supertopo - Yosemite Sport Climbs And Top Ropes

I've got to get this off my chest first and foremost. Aside from Southern Sandstone where the rock is so soft that lead climbing is prohibited, I can't think of a single instance in the UK where...

15th Nov 2010 Power Traveller Solar Charger: Power Monkey Explorer

I'd hankered after a solar charger for my various gadgets for some time, but always put off actually getting one on the belief that the technology would get better and better. After a couple of...