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Rucksack: TNF Modem 25

10th Dec 2005

A few years ago I worked for a big IT firm. We were often given laptops to take home as part of the job, though we couldn’t keep them ;-(. They came in shiny leather briefcase shaped bags. We were constantly reminded not to leave them in our cars and to carry them on our person at all times as they were so nickable. As I said, that was a few years ago. Since then a number of manufacturers have produced bags that make your laptop look less recognisable. TNF’s Modem 25 is just such a bag. To all intents and purposes it looks just like an ordinary, small day bag. It has webbing on the outside to stuff your waterproof into, and an outside pocket. Inside however, is a sleeve which should fit all but the biggest laptops (mine is 35cm X 26.5cm X 3cm – I don’t think you could go much bigger in any dimension without it becoming a little too snug). Once in the sleeve there is a simple strap and buckle to hold it securely in place. Note that the sleeve is not padded as I have seen on some other bags. However the padded back panel is stiffer than your average rucksack so it provides ample protection. Note also that the sleeve is suspended in the main body. By this I mean that it ends before the base of the sack so you will not bash your laptop on the floor when you put your sack down in an upright position. One neat features is a headphone port to allow you to listen to your music on the go. Lastly, for those who don’t like hip belts, or are trying to save weight, it is removable. My one gripe would be that they have called it a Modem. I guess this isn’t a major issues, but it does draw attention to the fact that it is computer related, which for me, is the one thing I am trying disguise.


Reviewed by Matt Heason on behalf of planetFear