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Arc'teryx SV Gloves

30th Jan 2013

Arc’Teryx Alpha SV Gloves

I’ve had these gloves ready to use for a few months, but it wasn’t until a fortnight ago when the temperature dropped and the snow finally came that  got the chance to actually use them and try them out. They proved to be very good gloves indeed. With temperatures down to -10ish with wind chill, and hands in and out of gloves regularly to adjust clothes and kit, not once did my hands or fingers feel cold. Putting cold and wet hands back into the gloves soon warmed them up again. There’s a stiffness to the gloves that makes them incredibly easy to put on, my fingers never, ever, snagging on the liner. The stiffness is not so noticeable as to stop them being effective in use though. Having a full length cuff was essential in some of the blizzards we had, the cuff easily wrapping around my jacket sleeve, and easily adjustable with the other hand. Although I did stick them on the radiator each evening to dry them out this was not really necessary as they stayed dry the entire two week period (it was nice to put on warm gloves each day though!). Where many gloves have seams that wrap around the tips, these don’t. The seams end a centimetre or so from the actual tips meaning that you are not exposing the most vulnerable bit of the glove to the elements – clever thinking. Despite working pretty hard and getting my heart rate up I didn’t notice any clammy hands. All in all a quality bit of kit and well worth the money if you are serious about keeping your hands warm.

265 g / 9.3 oz
Retail price: £199 (though they are available online for £150 if you go looking)
Outer: Supple Lezanova leather fingers and palm
GORE-TEX Pro Shell lining offers ultimate waterproof, breathable performance
Tri-Dex technology gives a unique tri-lobe finger construction
True anatomical fit that feels natural and moves effortlessly when manipulated
Seam-free finger tips
One-hand adjustable drawcords
Wrist cinch buckle
Full-length cuff
Removable Liner: Polartec Wind Pro high loft fleece
Tri-Dex technology gives a unique tri-lobe finger construction
Seam-free finger tips
Weight: 272g (M)