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Waterproof Trousers: The North Face Ventura Pants

19th Mar 2009

North Face Venture Pants: Waterproof Trousers

My first experience with these trousers was awful. I was in the extremely wet Yorkshire Dales- boasting to my mates about my brand new waterproof trousers, as everyone else pulled on their old and tatty ones.

We set out for a walk up to Ingleborough – one of the the famous English Three Peaks. The rain was horizontal for about two hours, and we ditched the last bit up to the summit on the grounds that we would see nothing, and would get soggy sandwiches! On the descent I realized that my jacket was letting in water- not surprising really, given that it’s ten years old. To realise that the new North Face waterproofs were also letting in water was more than disappointing though. All that boasting!!

I have to admit, the conditions were appalling. Of the eight of us, no one’s trousers had stood the test- but where does this leave me in my view of these North Face Venture Pants? I decided I had to give them another chance before I wrote them off completely.

In the meantime, I should say something about the trousers- they are a nice fit- easy to get on and off over boots, and very stylish compared to many baggy designs of waterproof trousers (and in particular my previous purple pair!). The drawstring at the top is smooth and easy to use. They material is lightweight, yet feels durable. They are lightweight and don’t take up much space in your pack. RRP is £55, but a quick search on line reveals plenty of places selling them for under £50. A reasonable price for trousers that are certainly better than the run of the mill makes.

On to the second, third test run and beyond.

I have worn the trousers numerous times since that first awful day, and they have been absolutely brilliant. The conditions have never been quite so bad, and one of the expeditions was to the slopes with my sledge during the recent snow. Based on these experiences, I haven’t got a bad thing to say about them. So perhaps that first disappointment was simply down to a particularly bad day and the wrong wind direction? Unfortunately, it has tainted my view, so I can’t top marks until I venture out for another wet and windy day in Yorkshire!


Reviewed by Hayley Lever on behalf of planetFear