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Jumper: Alpkit Outside Jumper

18th Oct 2010

At £20 (actually listed at £16 on their website at the moment) value for money has to be the first thing to mention about this jumper. Marketed as the 'Outside Jumper' this is a vague play on the fact that it is both reversible, and, when worn one way, it looks inside-out but actually isn't. It's 80% combed cotton, 20% polyester, so it's not a fleece, but a proper good-old fashioned fleecy jumper if that makes sense. Not sure about the text printed on the smooth side - I generally wear it rough side out, but it probably appeals to some. My only vague issue is over the sleeve size. They are a little on the tight side, especially for somebody like me who likes to roll them up. I suspect that there are one or two male climbers out there whose forearm prowess would mean that this would actually cut off circulation! I got mine on the small side (a medium actually) so it fits nice and snug, keeps me warm, and doesn't get in the way whilst doing important stuff like climbing. 

Where else can you get a decent outdoor jumper for under £20 that isn't a cheap and nasty fleece that will end up bobbly within a few months?

Alpkit Outside Jumper