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Ruffwear Quencher Cinch Top

19th Jun 2017

Having recently reviewed a couple of collapsible bits of camping kitchenware it seemed apt to write a few words about an equivalent dog bowl. The Ruffwear Quencher Cinch Top is a bowl designed to pack down small and be easily portable. We took the small variant with us on a recent trip to the west coast of Scotland where it was used as a multipurpose bowl for him. It was to hand whilst driving along in a van (with no air conditioning), it was used every day as his meal-time bowl, and left full of water between times. It features a tough outer layer which helps it keep its shape (wide base with a narrower top) when in use, and a waterproof inner lining meaning that it can be used as a drinking bowl. There's a corded closure which means you can fill it with food, close it up, and then have it ready to simply put down in a hurry (there are two toggles meaning that it is possible to close it tight and not leave any gaps). This also means on a one-night camping trip there's no need to carry any other bags for dog food. 

Ruffwear Quencher Cinch Top
Ours is the 1l version - it also comes as a 2.5l. We went for the smaller on weight grounds. It retails at  £21.95 which is on a par with the better quality collapsible camping kitchenware on the market. Though we haven’t yet needed to do so, it is nice to know that it is machine washable. Our only worry with it was the possibility of it blowing away if left outside the tent. It was easily resolved by pegging one of the draw cords, but a small sewn-in eye would make for e neater solution. All in all a nicely designed bit of kit.

You can buy the Quencher Cinch Top on the Ruffwear website.