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Shorts: Prana Mojo

21st May 2006

Fact: Prana make nice looking clothes.
Question: Do Prana make nice looking clothes that perform well?
Answer: If these Mojo shorts are representative of the performance / technical range - yes

I'm not really into yoga so can't comment on how they perform during a serious bout of sweaty Ashtanga, but I do do a fair amount of bouldering, climbing and running. I would say biking too, but I tend to wear padded short when in the saddle :-). Across the board the shorts are comfortable and do not deter from the activity by sticking to sweaty legs or riding up. The waistband is a simple wide elasticated band with one seam at the back which you don't feel. The material, a poly micro fibre is very lightweight, medium hard wearing, and very quick drying. There is a single pocket on the back right, fastened with a couple of small Velcro squares. Suitable for a key, mobile or wallet, but anything bigger would weigh the shorts down and probably prove too heavy for the uncomplicated and non-adjustable waste band.

Retailing at £35 they are a fairly pricy, but very nice pair of shorts which I anticipate lasting me a few years before my bony a%$£ renders them unsafe for public viewing.