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Chair: Handysit

21st Feb 2007

It's commonplace these days to throw in a couple of lightweight camping chairs when car-boot camping. We thought we'd review something similar, but for nippers! The HandySitt is for babies who are old enough to sit upright (ours started using it at about 4 months!).

Basically it is a lightweight, fold-flat highchair that fits onto most regular chairs, be they kitchen or dining chairs in your house, or the fold up camping variety. It has two extendable wooden legs with rubberised feet on one end and rubberised hooks on the other. The hooks literally hook over the top of the back rest on most adult chairs. You extend the wooden legs out of their anodised metal frame by means of loosening and then tightening a couple of finger sized grub screws. Once the legs are set to 45 degrees, with the feet resting on the seat of the adult chair, it's a very simple matter of pressing down the seat of the HandySitt to make the baby chair. It has a wipe-clean, removable padded cushion and a harness to keep your nipper from crawling out. My one gripe about the chair is that the harness is a little fiddly to do up because the centralised plastic clip is obscured. If this could be offset to one side I think it would be a perfect product. For the weight conscious it may be sensible to offer a completely aluminium version which would no doubt weigh virtually nothing.

It weighs 2.2kg and easily fitted down the back of a rucksack when we travelled abroad recently. A worthy purchase for anybody wanting to travel with youngsters.

Cost £60
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Reviewed by Matt Heason on behalf of planetFear