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Wild Guide - Southern & Eastern England

9th Dec 2015

I've been a fan of the publishers of the Wild Guides since they hit the ground running with the first edition of wild Swimming. This latest incarnation is a delight to behold. It's the  same format, though with a silky matt finish to the cover, literally packed with sumptuous photographs to inspire and delight, whether you are a hardened local who thought you knew it all, or a visitor passing through and happy to take advantage of the research carried out by the authors. Instead of listing wild swim spots, or wild runs, this new strand to the genre aims for a wider appeal and simply presents a catalogue of wild places. These places may include swims or walks, or may simply point you at a particularly lovely old ruin or majestic tree. The maps are a step up from the previous guides (at last!) and are actually useful in a) identifying a destination to head to, and b) navigating there (also helped by post codes, grid references and, where applicable, phone numbers). Each spot gets a paragraph or two describing why it's in the book, and many have the all-important photo. Leafing through its pages is akin to immersing yourself in a really beautifully produced period drama on TV, and evokes a similar melancholy for times gone by. This is a book to remind us that in the shadows of the Canary Wharfs of the world are still plenty of delightful blasts from the past, and that what was once shiny and new will one day be old and rustic. Can't wait for a similar guide to be produced for Northern England. Would make a lovely stocking filler.

Costs £14.99. Available here >>