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Salomon Trail Twinskin Short

11th Jul 2014


Shorts are shorts right? Wrong. Whilst it's perfectly possible to run in pretty much any old shorts if you are running fast or light or far, or any combination of the three then it obviously pays to wear something that's been designed by people who know what it's like to run fast, light and far. 


There really aren't too many features that you can pack into a pair of shorts (excuse the innuendo) so I'll be brief (doh!). First and foremost - if you've read any of my other reviews you'll know what I fan I am of lightweight gear - they are light: 135g. They have a supportive inner liner and a longer outer. There's an easy to use draw cord to tighten the elasticated waistband. There are three pockets - all on the back. One in the middle, with a zip, big enough to hold a mobile phone, and then two small open-topped elasticated ones either side of the sipped one, to hold gels. If you're going for a quick run local to the house there is no need to carry a belt, bum bag or anything else. There are also some reflective bits on to help you be seen at night. Personally I'd have put a few more on.


Can't complain. They are light and fit comfortably with no chafing. The inner gives a little support where its needed. They dry super quickly so if you stop for a  quick dip mid-run they will be dry by the time you get back.


They retail at £50. More than a basic pair of running shorts, but once again you're paying for a little extra with Salomon. If you run regularly then they're worth the money.

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