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VauDe Kids Gaiters

1st May 2013

I wrote a review yesterday for a pair of kids gloves and said that I am excited that my kids are now getting old enough to warrant having proper outdoor kit. In the recent snow we had it was all too regular an occurrence for trousers to ride up over the top of boots and for snow to get in. Quite often boots would end up stuck two feet down into a snow drift and require digging out, emptying of snow, and putting back on. This normally meant that there was only another 5 or 10 minutes of play before the damp and cold boots caused terminal meltdown and Hotaches! Solution? A pair of kids gaiters. Who makes them? VauDe of course. They are a simple design, one zip down the back, no hooks for laces, but a stirrup to run under the midsole of the boot and stop them riding up. They are waterproof, windproof, and most importantly, coming-off-proof! In the half dozen or so times that they were worn before spring arrived they never once budged and meant no early home-times. They are also well received by my son who loves them and asks to wear them even when there’s no snow. Now we just need some heavy rain and some serious bogs to cross to keep him entertained before next winter’s snow. They retail at £14.95 which is bang on in my book. Much more and you’d be forgiven for thinking that it might be better to risk snow in the boots.

Practical, water repellent all-round gaiters with covered zip.
For kids aged 3-6 years, (length of gaiter - 24 cm).