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Approach Shoes: Merrell Quantum Mock Shoes

19th Mar 2009

Not really sure what these shoes are for. Personally I use them as my smart shoes. They have a leather upper which looks great, but dirties easily. The chunky sole gives them an Approach Shoe air, when they are likely only to be used in snowy or slightly muddy street conditions. The sizing is a little small, the 10 (my shoe size) being very tight to pull on, and snug to the point that wearing them for more than two or three hours is uncomfortable. That said, they look great – I like the way that they bridge the outdoors and indoors divide, meaning that I feel comfortable at formal meetings discussing rock climbing events. I suppose that they could be used for sport, but the suede style leather upper really isn’t going to last long in anything bu the most pristine environment.

Reviewed by Matt Heason on behalf of planetFear