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Headtorch: Petzl E+ Lite

10th Oct 2006

The Wow Factor
The new e+LITE from Petzl is this year's must-have bit of kit and is likely to fill so many stockings this Christmas that Santa won't know what's hit him! What is it? It's a tiny torch with the functionality of models 5 times its size and weight. It is a very quirky looking device, the 4 LED's (3 white and 1 red) offset to the left of a rotational switch. From the front it looks a little like some alien robot from the future. The most striking thing about it however, is its size. It is a tiny bit larger than the first knuckle of my thumb! It weights 0.95Oz or 27g (including its two batteries).

You'd be forgiven for thinking that such a micro torch would be little better than the key-fob equivalents that generally wouldn't blind a bat. Not so, in its economy mode, with the 3 white LED's in operation the torch will run for 45 hours and cast a light 11 metres. In max mode these numbers change to 35 hours and 19 metres! In addition it has a strobe function, flashing the 3 LED's constantly which has obvious benefits in a rescue situation, and a red LED which can be used if you want a little extra light, but would like to preserve your night vision. These different modes are accessed via a rotational switch which also has a 'lock' mode for travel.

It runs of two super slim watch style CR2032 batteries which come included with the torch. Personally I would like to have seen a couple of spares included too as I suspect that not all shops will stock them, especially overseas. The battery compartment is sealed with a rubber washer and accessed with the use of a coin.

Wearing It
It's designed primarily as a head torch so comes with a slimline elasticated headband, adjusted with a plastic toggle. However it also features a back-plate with a wire clip which you can use for fixing it to anything from a book cover to a short pocket or waist belt. The back-plate is fixed to the torch head with a ball and socket joint which allows you to point it anywhere. Because it is so light it stays pointed where you left it.

It comes with a small plastic case which you can use to protect the torch itself from knocks. The case features a clip for a waist belt or rucksack compression strap so you can always have it handy.

Retails at £24.95 which may seem a lot of money to pay for something so small, but given its functionality and engineering this is excellent value for money.

Other stuff
10 year guarantee

3 white LEDs and 1 red LED Lithium CR2032 batteries (included) Waterproof down to -1 m Weight: 27 g including batteries (0.95 oz) (CE, ATEX (3 GD EEx nl IIC T6) and Hazloc certified 2 lighting levels: economy and maximum White and red strobe modes Equipped with clip system and removable strap Light source rotates 360° on ball joint


Reviewed by Matt Heason on behalf of planetFear