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Cycle To The Cinema - Decathlon - Summer

20th Jun 2018

OK, so Cycle To The Cinema has been dormant for a while. But it's back!

Kicking off on June 20th with a lovely eclectic bunch of summer-themed films with some left-field football oddities thrown in as a nod towards the impending World Cup (don't worry if you're not a football fan, these are films we guarantee that you will find interesting!). We're excited about the venue too. It's in partnership with Decathlon UK, after the store closes, with a pop-up cinema set up in the central aisle! Tea / Coffee & Cake available as usual. Plus a FREE LED bike light if you come on your steed.

Moonwalk - 4mins - The ultimate full moon shot.
The Hardest Goal - 25mins - There is only one rule: no murder!
Red Helmet - 4mins - A young boy explores some adrenaline sports
Into The Empty Quarter - 20mins - a desert odyssey on foot
Panyee FC - 5mins - Playing football in a floating village
The Road From Karakol - 25mins - A solo summer journey through Kazakhstan