Events - Wed 25th Nov 2009 - Peak Area Meeting AGM - The Grouse - Heason Events

Peak Area Meeting AGM - The Grouse

25th Nov 2009 @ 19:30

Area Open Meetings are open to all They are the base from which the BMC grows, where local action starts and ideas get kicked about (in a friendly way). One of their purposes is to inform local climbers and walkers of developments in the wider outdoor world. They also act as a mouthpiece for the opinions of the locals in such matters as crag access, conservation issues, and national debates (e.g. windfarms, local road building schemes). They are also increasingly the forum for getting local crag clean up events started, organised and funded.


And after the "business" there's usually refreshments in the form of chips and butties, and a guest speaker is often in attendance with slides of their latest derring do adventure.


There are 5 Peak Area Meetings a year. If you can make it to at least one it’ll make a huge difference to the meetings and ultimately to your experience of climbing in the Peak District.