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Leo Houlding Lecture - Buxton

31st Oct 2010 @ 19:30

In 2009 world-renowned climber Leo Houlding teamed up with award-winning film maker Alastair Lee to attempt his most ambitious project yet; to free climb the mighty NW face of Mount Asgard then BASE jump from the summit in a wingsuit. Situated north of the Arctic Circle on Baffin Island in Canada, Asgard is one of the most impressive and remote rock faces on the planet.

He was also the guy who raced Jeremy Clarkeson up (climbing) and down (BASE jumping) the Verdon Gorge in France on Top Gear!

In his show Leo describes the preparation for the expedition with training trips to some of natures most extreme play grounds and introduces an international cast of ‘nu-skool’ adventure seekers. Crazy stories of Speed climbing in Spain, Wing suit flying in Italy, free climbing Yosemite’s El Capitan and Half Dome in a day and the first ascent of the most sacred mountain in China! Then we skydive into to an Arctic Expedition unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Leo illustrates this most extreme of adventures to one of the wildest places in the world with breathtaking imagery and unbelievable videos.


The only two words that come to mind are “Bloody Hell!” What sheer guts and courage. Absolutely brilliant!

Sir Richard Branson


Location: Buxton Opera House

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