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Best Of Banff - Buxton

13th Sep 2009 @ 19:30

The Best of Banff Mountain Film Festival

Every Winter, Banff, in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, hosts the most prestigious Mountain Film Festivals in the world. There is a massive programme - unequalled anywhere on the planet. Below is a selection of the best films from the 2008 festival for your pleasure:

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Buxton Opera House


People’s Choice Award for Radical Reels
Canada, 2007, 12 minutes
Directed by Alexander Lavigne
Produced by Ryan Leech
Classification: General
Focus: trials biking
Combining sheer difficulty with creative style, three athletes execute mind-bending feats of bike mastery and redefine technical riding standards.


The Fine Line
Canada, 2008, 25 minutes
Directed by Dave Mossop
Produced by Malcolm Sangster
Classification: General
Focus: skiing, snowboarding, avalanche safety
A cinematic journey that combines unites the cutting edge of winter action sports with education about responsible backcountry usage, The Fine Line features epic riding, amazing visuals, and stunning true stories of avalanche survivors.


The Last Frontier — Papua New Guinea
USA, 2008, 18 minutes
Directed and produced by Trip Jennings
Classification: General
Focus: kayaking, exploration, culture, environment
The Epicocity crew travel to Papua New Guinea to document the island of New Britain’s pristine water, habitat and intact indigenous culture through an exploratory caving and kayaking expedition.


The Red Helmet
USA, 2008, 6 minutes
Directed by Tyler Young
Produced by Dave Barlia
Classification: General
Focus: multiple action sports
Overcome with fear, a young boy runs into the forest. He finds a magic red helmet and goes on the adventure of a lifetime. Slowly building his courage, he is transformed and returns to confront his boyhood fears.




USA, 2008, 10 minutes
Directed and produced by Stephen Hyde
Classification: General
Focus: culture
A Peruvian family journeys into the Andes to cut enormous blocks of ice, bringing them down to the valley to make colorful shave ice treat called shikashika.


The Sharp End: Eastern Europe
USA, 2008, 17 minutes
Directed and produced by Peter Mortimer, Nick Rosen
Classification: Parental Guidance (coarse language)
Focus: rock climbing, tower jumping, culture
A talented group of climbers explores the unique history, culture, and danger of one of the world’s most remarkable climbing destinations.


Journey to the Center
Best Film on Mountain Sports
USA, 2007, 55 minutes
Directed by Jens Hoffmann
Produced by Iiro Seppanen, Jeb Corliss
Classification: General
Focus: exploration, BASE jumping, culture
Journey with three world-renowned BASE jumpers as they travel 10,000 miles to confront the mist and mystery of an old cave, an ancient culture and their own demons at the center of their dangerous mission: Tian Keng, the Heavenly Pit.


Trailer from the 2008 Festival:


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