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DMM WallDO Karibiner

13th Oct 2022

Last summer I had a week in Pembroke trad climbing above the sea. A bit out of practice at selecting the right protection I think I lost three wires over the week, fumbling them before watching them drop into the waves. Climbing with my brother I noticed that he racked his wires on an oval karibiner and seemed to have much less trouble with them becoming entangled when placing. So I got myself three DMM WallDO krabs. They're pretty much oval in shape so te wires don't get so bunched or tangled. Since switching the shape of the krabs I am pleased to say that I haven't dropped a single wire! The WallDO is light (37g), pretty versatile with multiple load points, and has a large gate opening (25mm). My only regret is getting three of the same colour. Mine are blue, but they come in ten different colours meaning that if you choose to rack your cams on them you should be able to colour match them for quicker selection. They retail at £9.99 each.

The DMM website is worth a look. They recently celebrated 40 years in business and are now the sole manufacturers of climbing hardware based in the UK, having recently expanded their Llanberis based factory to look to the future.

DMM WallDo Karibiner